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Choose the right solution for your organization by determining which Engineering Information Management (EIM) capabilities are needed to meet your unique requirements.

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Many of today’s leading companies have already identified specific areas where they want to improve the management of engineering information. Some simply need to manage drawings, while others have more advanced requirements, such as sharing engineering information with internal and external stakeholders, controlling engineering information needed in concurrent plant modification projects, or managing all asset-related technical documentation throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

In this webinar, Paul Cheetham of Kinsmen Group – a specialist in providing fit-for-purpose EIM solutions – will provide an overview of required software capabilities by maturity level. This overview will help you match your unique needs in order to create a Request for Information (RFI) or choose the right solution for your organization.

Join us for this live webinar as we examine:

  • EDM, EIM, ALIM – What is it all about?
  • Organizational Maturity – Where are you today?
  • Following your information management journey.

Focusing your efforts:

  1. Working across multiple departments;
  2. Managing your deliverables;
  3. Complex drawing management;
  4. Maintaining asset data integrity.

Using this information to choose the right solution for you.

Can't Attend at This Time? Even if you cannot attend, register anyway and we will email you the recorded version after the event so you can watch at a more convenient time.

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